Andy Firth

Australian Clarinet & Saxophone Virtuoso, NSW, Australia

Andy Firth-Australian Clarinet & Saxophone Virtuoso imageAndy Firth-Christmas Album

I’ve always wanted to record a Christmas album but I just couldn’t bring myself to the point of doing yet “another Christmas carols” recording. The only way I could see of being happy with the stories and various view points of the Christmas story was to write my own songs. Although I’ve composed 650 works from educational songs to full symphonic works, I’d never written any lyrics so this challenge was a very exciting voyage of self-discovery for me. So over a period of two weeks I sat down and wrote the 14 original songs on this album for my dear vocalist friends here my home of Newcastle NSW Australia. I wanted to write songs that would suit all of the vocalist’s styles represented on this album.

The irrepressible Francine Bell and I go way back to the 1980’s when we worked together in Sydney at the Don Burrow’s Supper club and with legendary Aussie jazz band, “Galapagos Duck”. Francine is a superb vocalist and songwriter and she is always a joy to be around. She is always filled with the Holy Spirit and her joy of life is infectious! I wrote “Light up my life” for her because it’s exactly how her friends see her and I’m sure what she asks to be able to do for people. “Oh Child of Light” was written with Francine in mind too but was going to be trashed because I didn’t think that it was worthy of her. It was sent to her by accident when I sent out “Light up my life”. Francine apparently wept when she read the lyrics and heard the tune and so I dedicated it to her. She brought this song to life and I now love it too.

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