Barbara Gleeson, President, Newcastle Night Aglow

“Francine Bell came to Newcastle Night Aglow Fellowship and ministered to our women in 2009. Attendance was full on the night as word spread for Francine is well known, respected and loved. She is a woman who carries a strong presence of the Lord and a genuine love for people. In all of the heightened status she has achieved, there is a grounded humility at the base of the confidence she wears; for she knows her authority is God’s and has a true balance of walking in His authority with humility. It is beautiful to be around her. What I witnessed with Francine in our meeting was a woman who is not afraid to be real, and in her realness, disarms people to lay down their own masks, allowing the Holy Spirit to move into the hearts. Her voice of clarity when singing reminds me of a finely tuned instrument, where you can hear the single note of the string, but the string is Francine’s own unique beautiful voice, distinct, beautiful, full of passion as she sings from her heart.

On a much more personal note, I’d like to add that a few years ago I was in a workshop where Francine led a day-long Worship Workshop at Mayfield Baptist Church, Mayfield.She taught about 45 people which was a fruitful and educational meeting that the worship team gleaned much from.

After this encounter, over the next five years, I met her a few times, in unusual places (example: one night of the Pasha Bulker standing along side of her and talking). She is always the same everywhere I have met her, nothing changes with Francine. She is who she appears to be, except that as she grows more into the image of God daily, more beautiful each time we meet. She is a model example to women everywhere. Francine Bell has my heart of confidence that wherever she is, she gives her best from God and for God. Of that one truth, Francine keeps her heart lifted up toward heaven, while ministering to the people on earth, receiving from Him, and giving of Him.

Barbara Gleeson
Newcastle Night Aglow