Bob Tasman-Smith, Vocal Coach

“Somewhere around 1988, I watched a performance of the lovely musical NINE in Sydney. Several cast members had worked with me re voice exercises. The cast was excellent, but one of them was this elegant Lady, Francine Bell; so beautiful to watch… When she walked into my studio, it was even more beautiful for me to meet this elegant charming, intelligent woman: her eyes and speech made me feel comfortable and warm… From that moment we became friends.

Hearing Francine in concert on theatre stages and clubs, with pianists and jazz bands always delighted me, and made me wonder why she was in Australia, but feeling thankful she was for people here to meet and greet and hear her perform. Francine’s vocal calibre is admirable for all musical types. That is classical, music theatre, jazz, ballads and folk, but perhaps even more wonderful when she enters into the Gospel category. Francine feels with warmth and love for all loving sense for humanity…with spiritual sense, along with the languages understanding. I shall be grateful for as long as I live for our friendship, and being chosen to assist her with voice technical reasoning.”

The Late Bob Tasman-Smith
Vocal Coach and friend to some of Australia’s leading performers: Julie Anthony, Nancye Hayes, Nathan Foley, Cameron Daddo