Kerryn Grant

I had been a professional singer for over 25 years when I started to have some vocal issues. They were caused by grief (after the loss of my Father), stress and neglect. I had many years of vocal tuition throughout my teenage years, but from the time I had turned professional, it wasn’t something I had continued. I visited my GP and a Speech Pathologist, and although they were helpful, they didn’t truly understand how I was feeling, nor could they fully answer the questions I had about my singing voice.

And then, I contacted the wonderful and amazing Francine Bell.

Francine taught me the anatomy of the voice. She explained how the vocal folds work and how to approach each note and word, to achieve the best sound. I had never had this explained to me previously, and the way Francine explained it, made perfect sense. Just this one thing has changed the way I sing a song.

Thanks to Francine’s tuition and guidance, my vocal range has expanded and returned to a level I have not achieved for a number of years. My voice has more clarity and easily lasts the duration of my performances.
Having my voice back in better fitness, means that my stress has also reduced.

I am so grateful to Francine for helping me. She is the best!
For anyone who is just starting to sing, Francine will point you in the right direction and teach you everything you need to know to achieve your highest vocal quality.

If you have been singing for a number of years, and need some fine-tuning, like I did, do yourself a favour and contact Francine Bell. You will be truly amazed, relieved and grateful.