Makaylie Foodey, Telstra Road to Tamworth Peoples Choice Award Winner 2010

“I have been singing and performing since I was 3 years old! It has been a very strong passion of mine since a very young age! I first heard about Francine through a friend and I attended one of her sessions of Inside the Alien Head, I was so interested in Francine’s teaching techniques that I decided to get weekly singing lessons! Francine’s outlook on music and performing was an instant inspiration to me. Francine’s drive and enthusiasm is so infectious that you cannot help but want to better yourself! I have worked with a number of teachers and mentors over the past 10 years and no one has inspired me like Francine does! Francine always taught me that the first step to bettering yourself as a person and a performer is to learn how to laugh at yourself for a silly decision rather than beat yourself up about it :)”

Makaylie Foodey
Telstra Road to Tamworth Peoples Choice Award Winner 2010
“We found, that every week, Makaylie would come home from her lesson having learnt something new about herself as a performer. Francine helped to bring Makaylie out of her shell and showed her how to be herself on stage! Makaylie always looked forward to working with Francine and noticeably grew as a person and performer during this time!”

Kim & Brent Foodey